Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving with the Evansons'

Thank you . . . Lynette & Terry, Brit, Tara, Jessie & Adam, and Lacey & Stew and the boys for coming to visit us!! We had a house full for 5 days and it was a blast. Lacey and her family drove in from Ohio. Jessie and her husband from Tennessee, and the rest flew from Colorado. It was really nice to spend Thanksgiving with family!

This is has been a tradition for us each year to go to 'Lights of the South'. The kids see Santa and have fun seeing all the Christmas lights.

Monday, December 6, 2010

First trip to the ER . . . and Surgery!!

Brandt came walking over to me from the tramp and told me that he had fallen off and his arm was hurting. I could see his arm dangling at that point. I grabbed Rich and they headed straight to the ER. I guess one trip to the ER is pretty good for having 4 boys!! I hope the future trips don't lead to surgery like this one. Poor Brandt has had a rough month. He got his cast off last week and is doing great now. He can almost straighten his arm completely. He was so brave when they pulled his pins out!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Halloween & Fall Fun

Wow . . . I should be posting Christmas pictures right now. I meant to post these Halloween pictures a few weeks ago but you know how that goes. Brandt broke his arm, then we had tons of family in town for Thanksgiving, and now we are getting ready to leave for my sister's wedding in Utah in less than 2 weeks! Anyway, we did some fun Halloween activities throughout the month . . . but never ended up trick or treating on actual Halloween. We didn't want to since it was Sunday so we threw a big party the night before. And then on Sunday we ended up going to the ER for Halloween. We took down our net on the tramp the day before because it got a huge hole in it. We had a new one in the garage ready to put up. On Sunday after church my kids were jumping few for a few minutes while we were waiting for a family to come over for dinner. Brandt fell off and broke his arm. He stayed the night in the hospital and had to have surgery and get 2 pins the next morning . . . pictures to come!

Our friends throw an adult halloween party every year. It is always a blast!! This year they sent us on a scavenger hunt that was quite crazy. I threw in some pictures from Rich's group because they won!! Anyway, just to explain that gross picture . . . one of things was to deposit road kill at a certain tree. Crazy!! One group even found a deer.
STAR WARS . . . it is always fun for the boys for mom and dad to dress up!!

We had a blast having a bunch of families over for a Halloween party this year. We had dinner and played lots of games!!