Monday, December 6, 2010

First trip to the ER . . . and Surgery!!

Brandt came walking over to me from the tramp and told me that he had fallen off and his arm was hurting. I could see his arm dangling at that point. I grabbed Rich and they headed straight to the ER. I guess one trip to the ER is pretty good for having 4 boys!! I hope the future trips don't lead to surgery like this one. Poor Brandt has had a rough month. He got his cast off last week and is doing great now. He can almost straighten his arm completely. He was so brave when they pulled his pins out!!


Candice said...

Awe!!!! Poor Brandt...glad it all went ok. I'm shocked that that's your first trip to the ER. Congrats on your pregnancy...I am crossing my fingers that its a girl, but you do make some dang good looking boys!

Angie said...

Poor little dude! He looks so sad in one of those pictures! Did he break it in the growth plate? Is that why he had surgery? We've been to the ER a few times - mostly for my oldest (broken foot twice, broken arm, but no surgeries). I'm impressed it's only your first time too! :)
So do you know - boy or girl? I'm guessing it's a girl! :)

Fisher Family said...

WOW! That's a lot of pins... we had the same thing happen to Isaiah this year.