Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jay's Pinewood Derby

Glad Jay's car did well for how much time these boys spent on it (or should I say how much Rich worked on it)!!  By the time Ty gets around to derby's our family should be pros at making the cars.  Jay's car tied for first and he won the tie-breaker!!

Kendra's Update 10-11 Months!

Just can't even explain in words how much joy our sweet little Kendra brings to our family! Here are some updates . . . 2 teeth, loves cheerios and baby food, crawled at 9 months . . . just a happy and content baby!!
Just love this pic! Surprised I got a good one because I could barely get my camera ready every time I sat her down because she was crawling away too fast!!

Jay turns 9!

Couldn't pass up the awesome black friday deal for this putt putt place . . . half off gift cards. Worked out well to use for Jay's birthday party!! It rained the whole party so they played laser tag the whole time (and I was sure glad I hadn't planned the party for my backyard)! We love you Jay!

Piano Recital

Very proud of Jay and Brandt! They started lessons a year and a half ago and have been doing well!!! I love it when they practice the primary songs they have learned.