Saturday, November 14, 2009


Riding Bikes . . .

Yeah for Parker - learning how to ride a bike!

More Halloween

We had our friends over for a quick dinner and then we all went trick or treating together!
What a cutie!! I had this cute bat costume for him but it was too hot to even wear it.
the Abell kids
Jay as BATMAN and Brandt as a NINJA TURTLE!!
I gave Parker 2 options . . . a skeleton or an army soldier . . . and he chose a pirate (which is what he was last year). He has been so picky lately. He wants to wear his gym shorts every day. I will finally get him dressed in the morning and then we get home from one errand and he changes right back into his shorts.
Our friends, the Passey's, throw an awesome Halloween party every year. Rich and I were an angel/devil. I tried getting Rich to spray paint his hair white but he was on call so he didn't want to have to go into the ER with white hair. Party pooper!!! Anyway, we had a blast!