Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby #4 is on its way!!


We love our boys to death but we are really hoping for that girl!!

So I thought it would be fun to tell no one and see how many people really do check out my blog!!  Of course I only lasted 2 weeks before I told my mom.  It has been killing me to keep it from my sisters (and of course sister in laws!) so they will be shocked when they see this.  We are thankful Heavenly Father has blessed us with 3 healthy boys and now this new addition to our family.  I am due the end of May.


Daniel Field, Augusta, Georgia

This is a tradition every year for many families here.  I think we will do the same.  The boys had so much fun.  They let the kids get inside an army helicopter.  Jay was excited but Brandt was too afraid to get in.  He thought it was going to take off.  The boys also loved the monster truck that drove over 3 cars!


This playbox of corn was the kids' favorite!  And i just had to get a pix of my boys in this sign.  
It explains them well.
It was in the 90's and parker wouldn't cooperate for a pix - he was a little hot!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Mom, where did that come from?

I turned the corner of my bathroom and saw this huge thing on the floor.  No, we don't own any pets!!  In the last week, Parker has decided that he wants to be potty trained.  He loves the toilet and wants to sit on it every time I change his diaper.  I am definitely not ready to potty train.  Anyway, he took off his diaper downstairs and then came upstairs as if it was no big deal.  He had put his shorts back on which is why I was shocked when I turned the corner and saw this on the floor.  Parker loves to play tricks!!

Gotta love being a mom - last week the flu went through our whole family.  Jay and Brandt successfully know how to throw up in a pan.  Parker, on the other hand, likes to run around at the same time.  We couldn't get him to sit on the couch and use a pan.  Cleaning has been fun around here!