Friday, November 12, 2010

Lance's Wedding in Seattle!

A couple days after getting back from Disney, Rich and I took off to Seattle for Rich's brother's wedding. It was a very quick weekend trip with 2 5am flights and a 3 hour time change . . . very nice that we didn't have any of our kids with us. They all stayed with friends. I am so grateful to have such amazing friends here. It was fun to see family and share that special day with Lance and Alyssa. The temple ceremony was beautiful! We also got to see our best friends from medical school, Missy and Miles Layton, who are doing their residency there.


Cheryl said...

Hey lady, just checking in! Glad to see you had another FABULOUS disney trip. That place is just amazing. I'm still getting over the fact that Joe is old enough to be heading out on a awesome and neat that you all got a family trip in before he left. Rich's brothers wedding looks beautiful and how perfect to have friends to be able to leave the boys with. Hope all is well and that the pregnancy is going smooth. love ya

it's just lisa said...

Oh, those pictures are great