Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Parker is a big boy now!

Yeah!  Parker and Brandt's bunk beds finally came.  I kept Parker in the porta crib for awhile since we were to lazy to set up the crib and then he started climbing out.  Here he is on the floor the first week he moved to a big bed.  He must have gotten out of bed 30 times that week.  But now he is doing great and he and Brandt love their new room!

I think this was Parker's first time to actually get into something!  LOTION
He normally just plays and plays - mainly with BALLS!


Leah said...

I am just about ready to put Madelyn in a bed too..she turns two in October, but am afraid she'll be keeping her other sisters up and getting out of bed....glad it only took a week for Parker to figure it out!!!

Haley said...

We have that exact same bunk bed! We love it - no one is on top yet, but with the two boys we figure they would have a blast when they are both sleeping in them. Rowen is on the bottom for the time being.

Parkinson Family said...

fun! tyler basically takes all his naps on the floor, he only sleeps in his bed at night :)