Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Christy - You Are Amazing!



This is why it has taken me this long to update my blog . . . I got a good 3 weeks of scrapbooking in before it was back to house stuff!  My sister Christy came in town for a week and worked non-stop painting and helping me decorate.   It was a crazy week - she brought her 1 1/2 year old but luckily Jay was at school all day so we could still get stuff done.  The paint is hard to tell from the pictures since it was a mustard yellow to begin with.  We went a little lighter and did a sponge foe paint over top so the walls look a little more textured.  We painted 4 rooms, did lots of shopping, stayed up late, decorated, and had lots of fun!  The house is definitely coming along though.  I have a few more odds and ends to finish.  I can't believe it is taking us this long to officially get moved in and settled.

This has been our other huge project . . . you'll just have to wait and see.  I will definitely be showing before and after pictures.  This huge pile of dirt is on our driveway right now.  I bet the neighbors love us!  And not to mention all the trash we have had from some of the furniture we have gotten.  Parker tries to sneak outside every chance he gets to play in this dirt.  And this stuff is messy!!

Well, it has been an adventure moving into our first home.  Lots of work but it is all worth it.  I think my walls would have stayed bare if it weren't for Christy.  Thanks Christy for taking a week of your time to help me.  You are awesome and the house looks amazing!!


hayley said...

Your house looks gorgeous! How fun to finally be a home owner and do what you want. I love the color you chose and your cabinets, floor, and countertops look great, I am way jealous! I am very curious about the dirt???

Parkinson Family said...

Awesome!! the house looks great, love the colors!!! same here with Tyler and the dirt, ha ha

Fisher Family said...

Glad to see that your getting settle into your new home... looks great by the way. Your blog is super cute! I'm so impressed!! Maybe after the baby I can get back into blogging...then again maybe not. Anyway, very cute fam.

Katianne said...

Can Christy come to my house and decorate?! It looks awesome. Your house is so beautiful!