Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Road Trip

Rich ran his first marathon in Cleveland in 2006. He qualified for Boston and decided this was the year since we might not ever live this close to Boston again.  We made a road trip out of it. We stopped at Niagara Falls on the way there. Rich ran a great race while I battled the boys at the finish line for over 3 hours. It was all worth it though to see Rich finish the race! And then on the way back we visited my roommate from BYU, Kelli Granum and her husband, Bryan. I was so glad I got a chance to see her all pregnant and cute! I hadn't seen her since her wedding. We also stopped at my cousin Cheryl's house. Our kids had never met before and they had a blast playing until way past bed time. It was good to catch up with Cheryl and her husband, Skylar. They are also in residency a couple years ahead of us.


Jay got tired after 1 block of walking.  Good thing I have my cup holder as an extra seat.  I'll never forget my porta potty experience.  I had all 3 boys in there with me so they weren't left alone with thousands of people in Boston.  We could barely move and everybody was staring at me when I came out.  

Kelli & Bryan Granum in New York

The Alsop Family in Pennsylvania


Mark & Jody said...

omg I think that is the funniest thing i've ever heard about the porta potty!!!! hahaha!!!

Cheryl said...

We are so glad we made it into your road trip. Kylee still remembers those "crazy" boys who came to visit. We just wish it could have been longer. Hopefully we can get together again soon.