Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Blog!

I have finally started a blog!  We just moved to Georgia so I thought - a fresh start.  I will back track just a little bit though since we have had some fun months of play time before moving here.  It has been on my "to do" list for a long time to start a blog.  Hopefully updating and keeping up on it won't be on my "to do" list as long.  I  love all of my friends' and families' blogs and you guys have all inspired me.  We are even farther from family now and we have moved from all of our medical school friends so I hope this will be a fun way to keep everyone updated on our family, mainly our crazy boys.  Mine and Rich's lives won't change much.  Rich will be working long hours and learning the ropes of being an army doctor while I do my normal day to day stuff keeping up with the boys and around the house and trying to be a good mom.  I try to give myself some free time to get my fun stuff done, like video editing and scrapbooking.  We will see if I can keep up on those and this new blog!  It will be difficult.  I might just have a few all-nighters ahead of me since Rich will have quite a few night shifts his intern year.  Well, there is a quick update to get me started!