Tuesday, February 7, 2012

San Diego

I can't believe I took so little pictures on this trip. It was a quick get away with my husband and NO kids thanks to my mom. The army sent Rich to a conference so I tagged along. The weather wasn't nice that week but it was fun to just relax and spend time with Rich in between his meetings! We also saw his cousin Blaine and his wife Robin for a night. And I met my Aunt Julie for lunch one day which was fun! My mom did amazing back at home with the kids. She said Kendra was just the highlight of her week. She is at such a fun stage right now but she really has just been a really good baby all along! We love her. Thanks again mom! My two year old is still says at least once a day, "had fun grandma!"

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Cyndy Parkinson said...

Once a day? Wow. . .you just made my day!! I miss your kids, especially those two little ones. They make my heart smile. Can wait to spend a week at the beach in Panama City with you! Love MOM