Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Brandt & Parker!

Well, it has become a tradition in our family for each kid to have an ARMY BIRTHDAY PARTY!! Brandt has been looking forward to this for a year and a half (when Jay turned 7). We definitely made the obstacle course even more awesome this year . . . running through tires, throwing water balloons, jumping over water barrels, climbing the rock wall and rope ladder, etc. All the boys had a blast!! Happy 7th Birthday Brandt!!
Wow! 3 birthdays all at the end of August definitely keeps us busy (mine is in between Brandt and Parker's). For Parker's 5th birthday, we took a few of his friends bowling. They all had a blast and it was sure fun watching them be SILLY the whole night!!
We love you Parker!!

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hayley said...

Happy birthday Brandt and Parker! I still remember meeting you the day after you had Brandt. Really, its been 7 years! Has he even lost a tooth yet? I need you over here to plan some parties, my poor kids. You are such a fun mom!