Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where did the NICKEL go??

This happened about a month ago. This is the nickel that Ty swallowed and it came out 8 DAYS later! Yes, I searched his diapers for a week straight and it was the most disgusting thing ever. I was at Walmart with the 3 youngest and Parker & Ty wanted to put money down the spin thing that donates money to the children's hospital. Parker put his penny down but Ty just wanted to play with his one nickel. He didn't want to officially push it down the machine but also didn't want to leave the machine. He just kept acting as if he was going to push it down. So I hurried out of the store pushing Kendra in the cart and carrying Ty as he cried. After a few more errands and 2 hours later we were finally heading home. All of sudden I heard Ty choking. It was a quick loud choke and by the time I turned my head while I was driving, he was done choking and bursted into tears. It was a very sad cry and he kept saying "money in my mouth". I immediately thought of the nickel because I had no idea what happened to it after I carried Ty out of Walmart throwing a fit. I couldn't believe it. Ty is my little talker so I knew it had to be true that he put the nickel in his mouth. It is funny to look back at now but it was definitely a scary moment when it happened. I am so thankful that he is ok and that the nickel didn't get stuck anywhere. It is just one adventure after the next with this little guy!!


Jessie said...

Tyler got a penny stuck in his chest & i think lacey got an x-ray of it in there! Crazy little boys!

it's just lisa said...

yikes! poor Ty :( I'm glad he was ok.