Friday, June 10, 2011


The Army sent Rich to Gainesville, Florida for an orthopedic conference so we decided to tag along and drive with him. The kids got to see more of dad this week than a normal week at home so it was worth it!! We relaxed at the pool every day.
Kendra is 5 weeks here!
I was excited to see how Ty was going to like the pool now that he isn't a baby anymore. I'll have to be careful with him . . . he is a daredevil just like Parker! And this is him watching some guys play basketball. He is mesmerized by this sport. Just loves it!!


Jessie said...

looks like a fun trip!! glad you guys were able to go!

Jody said...

yay! thats the little dress stacey and I gave to kendra :-)
so glad it's coming in handy at the pool! love ya!

it's just lisa said...

love that picture of rich throwing ty! so fun!!