Saturday, March 19, 2011

Broken Arm

This is a little update on Ty. He is our little climber. I took these pictures a month or two ago but he continues to climb on our table and island every day. This past week he fell off the kitchen chair and broke his arm. Just crazy that it could happen off a kitchen chair that is much lower to the ground. Last weekend was his first time to climb out of the crib too. I am 2 weeks away from having the baby so I am glad Ty is still his happy self with his cast on. The next morning he was running around dribbling his basketball with his left arm. He is such an active little boy! It has been hard keeping up with him this last month of pregnancy. At his brother's soccer games he'll dribble a soccer ball two fields over . . . a very independent little boy and doesn't care if mom and dad are following.


Angie said...

Yikes! Our little one is a climber, too, and good grief they are tough aren't they?! He loves to climb the kitchen chairs and has taken a fall or two already. I guess I'll have to watch him more closely now that I know you can break your arm from that height. I'm glad Ty's doing ok! Here's to hoping he heals quickly!

Cheryl said...

Hey girl, i can't believe you are down to 2 exciting. Your pregnancy photos are priceless! Congrats on Jay's baptism and sorry to hear about Ty's arm. Sounds like it would have been nice if it had slowed him down a little...he sure is darling! good luck

Rudy said...

So many amazing things have happened in your life. I love seeing truly happy families. You are so inspiring to me and your family is so adorable!