Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Utah . . . the week before Christmas

We went to Utah for my sister Stacey's wedding (pictures to come) Here were some other fun activities from the week . . .

all the COUSINS!

The Parkinson Family Christmas Dinner
(an annual tradition held at Magleby's Restaurant)

The Nativity . . .
thanks to my sister Christy for her amazing collection of costumes

The kids were very excited that it SNOWED alot while we were in Utah!!

And of course . . . we couldn't leave Utah without a SKIING ADVENTURE!! This was a first for the boys. Thanks mom for watching Ty so we could take the kids up to Snowbird. After 5 hours of preparation and rounding up stuff from the fam the boys were finally ready to hit the slopes. I told Rich on the drive up that it was going to be a disaster and that it had already been too much effort just getting the stuff together and adjusting skis, etc. It turned out to be an AWESOME day and all 3 boys loved it!!

My sister Christy's family came skiing with us. Her kids love it. Michael, her 4 year old, skis the tram!! Fun Fun

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