Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Merry Christmas


We'll just call this Christmas morning . . . even though it was really the 26th. We had a blast in Utah but our travel plans home were a nightmare. We flew home Christmas day and our original flight was cancelled. They separated our family on different flights. I guess Delta didn't realize my kids were not old enough to fly alone. They were able to get our whole family on a 1 am flight back to Atlanta. Ty never slept on an overnight flight. Crazy!! And then it was completely snowing in Atlanta and the 3 hour drive back. A Christmas we'll never forget. We got home at 10 am Sunday morning and walked in the door and celebrated Christmas. Rich and I were exhausted but the kids seemed to have enough energy opening their gifts!!

This razor bigwheel was a hit from Santa!! The boys love it and fight over it every time we go outside. I guess Santa needed to bring 3!
Merry Christmas


Kari said...

Seriously?! Could your boys be any cuter!! They are such little studs! Sounds like you guys had a pretty crazy and busy Christmas with family and a wedding and traveling!...not to mention you being pregnant through it all! Makes me tired just thinking about it all! Looks like tons of fun though! Anyways, great pics! I enjoyed catching up on you guys!

Cheryl said...

I loved looking at all these pictures. I so wish i could have been at Stacey's wedding and am jealous of your entire family (except Joey) being amazing and awesome! I can't believe how big the Parkinson family has all look great! it seems like yesterday when we were all at family reunions together and now look at everyone married with their own kids. Despite your awful travels, I'm glad to see you had a great Christmas. I know I haven't called you back yet and will soon. Hope you are doing well and feeling ok! The grandkid nativity looks amazing.

Arianne Pearce said...

That makes me tired just reading it! Wow! What a long trip. We have experienced similar trips and we are always SO happy to finally unwind back at home. You have the most gorgeous boys and I loved catching up on your blog. You are so amazing with all your scrappy-ness! How are you feeling with your little baby girl?? Can't wait to see some pics of her!