Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm a little late . . . EASTER FUN!

I attempted to get pictures in their Easter sweaters. It was really windy and cold that day. By the following Sunday it was way too hot to even wear the sweaters. Gotta love Georgia weather. So these will have to do! I love the individual of Parker!!
The boys had fun coloring eggs. I think the eggs only lasted a few minutes before breaking. Rich and I loved the fact that they wanted to write BYU on their eggs!! Go BYU!
Easter morning! The kids got a lot of pool stuff for this summer. Parker immediately went upstairs and came down with his bathing suit and goggles on. The boys are anxious for the pool to open . . . only 4 more weeks!
We had a few families over for dinner and we did a little easter egg hunt for the kids.

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Jessie said...

they are getting so big! They are so cute. That picture of Parker is so handsome. I love his little pose.