Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Christmas . . .

Santa brought the boys a trampoline!! Parker was a little less timid once dad set up the enclosure to it. The boys have had a blast these last few days!



Cyndy Parkinson said...

Sooooo cute! WIsh I could have watched in person. Happy for blogs and emails and good cameras. Love, MOM (aka grandma)

Angie said...

Your boys are adorable!!

Danette said...

A trampoline-SCHWEEEET!
That will be so much fun for the boys, and give you some free time as well!
I loved the matching pj's, your family is just too cute.

Kari said...

Your family is adorable!! What handsome boys! Looks like life has treated you guys well. Fun to be in touch through the blogging world Rich and Kelly! Happy New Year!
Here's our blog: stacycrew.blogspot.com

Mark and Kari Stacy

Parkinson Family said...

looks like a fun christmas!! ty is adorable!! hes getting so big! thanks for calling us, we need to be better at that....love all the pics....super cute!

The Person Family said...

Such cute pictures! How do you do the layouts? They're great. :) Trying to blog again, so wish me luck!

Jessie said...

Ty is So big! Looks like you guys had a fun christmas!