Thursday, April 16, 2009

Masters Week!

So I asked Joe if his dream was to play in the Masters . . . and he said, "I WILL BE IN THE MASTERS SOMEDAY!  I am going to hold him to that!  Too bad we still won't be here in Augusta 15 minutes away!  I had no idea how big this golf tournament was.  Our realtor warned us to get out of town or not to leave our house!!

Every year spring break is the same as Master's week.  It is next to impossible to get tickets to it.  Rich happened to be given 2 tickets from a doctor he was working with on an out-rotation.  He was so excited to invite Joe to come out for it.  It was fun having Joe in town for a few days.  Rich took him to the Masters and then taught him how to shoot his shot gun!!  As for me, I pretty much did nothing over spring break but watch the kids and go through boy clothes to get ready for the baby!  fun fun


Jessie said...

I bet that was so FUN! I am glad he got tickets and Joe could come out for it!

Cheryl said...

skylar would be so jealous. How fun and glad Joe made it out.