Monday, December 29, 2008


Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Evanson for our amazing trip to Disney World!
We had so much fun seeing everyone (30 of us!) especially since we are the only ones not living in Colorado right now.  The kids had a blast seeing all of their cousins!

We learned on this trip that you want all your kids to be 40 inches!!!  but Parker still had a blast on the ones he could go on or being a spectator with his cousins!

We went to a cool pirate show for dinner one night!

Jay's favorite was thunder mountain!

Parker's new favorite thing to do rather than be in the stroller!

Parker had a blast on the new Buzz Lightyear ride!  We had to convince Brandt for most of the big rides - he came off after every one asking to do it again!

Brandt obviously did not like getting pictures with the characters.
                    Rich, Jay, and the Zirker Family!

Mt. Everest at the Animal Kingdon
Lacey, Jamie, & the cousins!



hayley said...

What a fun cool trip! If you want to fit more small pics across your blog you have to pick the "lefty stretch" template on the blog format. You can change the template anytime if you want.

Bonnie said...

I have to do that sometime! It looks like so much fun!

Danette said...

I love all of your photo pages. We are really wanting to take a trip to Disney World, everyone says Disneyland doesn't compare and I love Disneyland.
How fun to be able to go with family, now hurry and get your Christmas pics up!!

Donlee and Amanda said...

I was wondering what ya'll were up too. I kept checking for new posts. I hope the pregnancy is going well.

Angie said...

Hey Kelly - I hope you don't mind but I found you on Denice's blog and would love to stay in touch with you! Looks like a really fun trip together! When is baby due? Angie Andersen

Raquel said...

Looks like a fun time and good memories.

Parkinson Family said...

how fun! great pics!