Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Playing Outside

Just a few weeks after we moved in, Brandt went from riding a 16 inch with training wheels to a 20 inch without.  He and Jay now have the same bike!!  They are a little competitive about who can go the fastest!  They also love their scooters that they got for christmas last year.  And their new thing lately has been learning how to play street hockey with their Uncle Joe's old hockey sticks!  Thanks Joe - my kids love them.  
For some reason, Parker wants to wear a helmet for everything!!


Leah said...

that was one of annie's goals this summer, to learn to ride her bike without training wheels, but she's a bit catious!!! No such luck for us, but I wish. I love that both of your boys are doing it. The difference with boys and girls, I guess or actually that annie's just a little slow!!!

hayley said...

Way to go Brandt! Bikes is pretty much all we do everyday, it's the best. Luke learned to ride without training wheels our first month here too.

Parkinson Family said...

parker looks dang cute in his little helmet and yay for brandt he looks so much bigger than the last time we saw him